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Las Esperanzas:

Las Esperanzas (“hope”), serves 24 girls ages 11-18 living in urban poverty stricken communities in Leon. It is the only program in Leon exclusively serving adolescent girls.

In its seventh year, Las Esperanzas helps girls finish secondary or vocational schools and teaches them work skills. The program also has a strong focus on preventing adolescent pregnancies, since Nicaragua has the highest adolescent pregnancy rate in all Central America.

Las Esperanzas provides a safe house and the program’s dedicated counselors and teachers help girls overcome challenges in their difficult home, school and neighborhood environments.

The curriculum includes:

• Academic tutoring and basic English classes.

Computer classes and access to technology resources.

• Book clubs and creative writing classes.

Vocational training in sewing and crafts classes.

• Individual counseling, home visits and family outreach.

Workshops on self-esteem, reproductive health and life planning skills.

• Dance classes and field trips in and outside of Leon.

Graduates of Las Esperanzas have continued their education at vocational high schools and colleges with scholarship assistance from NCFC.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Noelia (16) – Studying bookkeeping at a vocational high school

“I never read a book before coming to Las Esperanzas. My school never gave me a book to take home. I have now read three books. I just finished Cometas en el Cielo (The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini) before all the other girls in our book club”.

Noelia lives with her aunt, a foster-parent, on a small farm. Noelia used to help her aunt make hundreds of tortillas before school and on weekends. Now she is busy with all of the weekday and Saturday activities offered at Las Esperanzas. In two years of attending Las Esperanzas, Noelia has grown in her self-confidence and her grades improved dramatically. She hopes to work in a bank after her 2019 graduation.
















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